Resisting cistopia: women and lesbians are speaking up

I’ve run out of patience and I am angry. For years I’ve argued against trans ideology and its erasure of sex and sexual orientation, which inevitably leads to attacks on women’s and lesbians’ rights. For this I’ve been subjected to all sorts of abuse, including gaslighting. The latest enactment of this is a result of the protest by lesbians (absolute sheroes) at Pride in London. Predictably and incorrectly framed as anti-trans, this protest has exposed just how toxic the “LBGT” is for lesbians and made clear why we need such protests in the first place.

It’s important to spell out what’s actually being claimed by trans activists and their oh-so-woke allies. When they say that a man can be a lesbian, they are saying that a straight relationship is in fact a lesbian relationship. If someone is in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, they can claim it’s a same-sex relationship. Because [insert idiotic reason that demands you deny material reality]. This is how stupid the whole thing is.

Ruth Hunt, Linda Reily (and all of Diva magazine) and anyone defending the indefensible: you’ve become dangerous homophobes who attack and smear lesbians for refusing to have sex with males. There’s no difference between those of you who claim lesbianism is bigoted and those who view homosexuality as deviant. You all support conversion therapy. You’re making it impossible for young lesbians to say no and feel safe within their supposedly own communities. Shame on you all for allowing this coercion to thrive. Shame on you for contributing to the trauma some young lesbians are experiencing.

Lesbians are female homosexuals. Female homosexuality doesn’t magically disappear because of what goes on in the heads of straight males. That we’ve reached the point where we have to state the bloody obvious is as ridiculous as it gets but in the end, this whole sorry state of affairs manages to reveal what it actively seeks to obfuscate. Trans ideology is patriarchy rebooted. This should be clear from the fact that trans-identified females (“trans men”) never figure in any of these arguments and that straight men face no backlash for refusing to date trans-identified males. It should be clear when cancer of the uterus is said to affect “people with a uterus”, while prostate cancer remains a man’s cancer. It should be clear when female spaces which exist to protect women are under attack, while men’s clubs which exist to prop up male supremacy and power are left untouched. It should be clear when a pro-lesbian protest is framed as anti-trans, while the San Francisco public library exhibits fake-blood “I Punch TERFs” t-shirts and barb-wire-covered bats. This is about reinforcing the status quo, not challenging it.

We will not allow lesbianism to be redefined to mean bisexuality. We refuse to be shamed for being lesbians and we will carry on speaking up because it’s important that young lesbians understand that the rape culture they encounter within queer communities is unacceptable. You have a right to say no at any point and for whatever reason. There is no penis in lesbian sex. As Magdalen Berns succinctly puts it, there is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis. Anyone who says otherwise is an abuser.

Thank you to the many women who have protested at Pride events: in Auckland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now London. Our movement is growing. In the UK A Woman’s Place UK is holding talks throughout the country (you can invite them to your town/city), Fair Play For Women provides all you need to know about proposed changes to the GRA, and now the Lesbian Rights Alliance is speaking up on our behalf. More and more of us are refusing to be silenced and the tide is slowly turning.



29 thoughts on “Resisting cistopia: women and lesbians are speaking up

  1. Lots of people think this is new. But the colonising of women’s and lesbian space has been going on since about the mid 1990s. It happened here in Australia when the Lesbian Space, a building specifically bought for lesbians in Sydney, was pulled apart when the trans wanted to come too. And in Melbourne, a man asked to join the Women’s Circus an organisation set up in part to work with women who were survivors of sexual assault. In Adelaide they tried to gate crash a private lesbian group and the lesbians had to defend themselves in court. And there are more casualties including festivals and gatherings that now have to advertise privately. I’m pleased to see so many now protesting these attacks. Twenty + years since we have been fighting against it.

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    • I’ve witnessed the lesbian movement in the Netherlands falling apart in the mid 1980s because trans women forcefully entered women’s liberation houses. I’ve witnessed women’s bookshops and cafe’s closing, women’s liberation houses shutting down, men invading these spaces continuously until lesbians had nowhere to go. It was one of the reasons I emigrated to Australia in the late 1980s with pain in my heart but it was a good choice because the lesbian community and culture was thriving when I landed in Sydney. Then we went all out to raise funds for a Lesbian Space to see it collapse under the trans demanding inclusion and the lesbians who worked so hard to buy a venue (yet is was bought already!) forming two camps, the trans allies and the lesbian space only group. It was heart breaking! Now lesbians born female have been forced to operate and meet underground and fear being taken to court and lose while witnessing the anti discrimination laws they fought for being used against them. 30+ years of this trans issue doing my head in causing severe mental distress. But…the tides are turning!

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      • This is heartbreaking to read. Do you know if anyone’s written about it or would be willing to write about it? Erasure is happening and our history is being forgotten, I don’t think many of us anticipated just how bad it would get. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Angela from #GetTheLOut here. TYhanks for this post ❤ Just to say your link is being deleted from Facebook and automatically marked as Spam. Witness Lesbian Erasure and censorship of dissenting Lesbians !

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    • Thank you sister. And thank you for letting me know. I don’t have an account but I’m going to tweet about it. This is beyond ridiculous but it seems to be happening a lot (A Woman’s Place UK was having similar problems earlier today). I’m not sure what trans activists are trying to achieve, it simply makes us more determined.

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  3. See L. H. Gottschalk 2009 Transgendering women’s space: A feminist analysis of perspectives from
    Australian women’s services
    Same author 2003 Same-sex Sexuality and Childhood Gender Non-conformity: a
    spurious connection
    S Jeffreys 2014 The politics of the toilet: A feminist response to the campaign
    to ‘degender’ a women’s space
    Same author 2012 The transgendering of children: Gender eugenics
    Also Erinyes’ 2010 submission to the Aust Human Rights Commission’s Inquiry into ‘Protection from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and sex and/or gender identity in Australia – available at

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    • Thanks for that. I don’t have much time right now but I’m hoping to write something soon on just how long trans ideology has been dismantling lesbian spaces. No one I’ve spoken to was aware of what happened in the 80s or 90s.

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      • Contact NZ dykes. I’m receiving digitalised copies of lesbian feminist magazine ‘Broadsheet’ of 1995 with a lengthy reoport on the politics surrounding the demise of Lesbian Space in Sydney. All the issues are discussed that we are still dealing with now. (I think I got it through Renee, her blog here on wordpress: writingsbyRenee)

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      • Thank you! I’ve googled it and found it on the University of Auckland website. I’ve just read through one of the articles and it’s striking that we’re still making exactly the same arguments. This is a big help so I’m very grateful for your suggestion. I’ll hopefully do an in-depth post at some point but I’m planning to do a short post this weekend.

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